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Philbrook Reservoir, CA
I have been fishing Philbrook Res. for over 50 years and can tell you flat-out that there are no bass or sunfish of any kind in the lake. Rainbows and browns is all. Check with Calif. Fish and Game if... [more]

Lodi Lake, CA
I caught 2 bass and 2 salmon using a blue fox super vibrax size 2 ... [more]

Honey Lake, CA
2016-04-18 [more]

Honey Lake, CA
2016-04-18 [more]

Honey Lake, CA
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Welcome to Donner Lake fishing report page. Here you will find all the information you need to make the best decisions for today's fishing. Current weather including air temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction are continuously updated throughout the day. Donner Lake water temperature is one of the vital statistics included on this page. We also include the moon phase as full and new moons are generally better fishing times. Help in choosing what time to hit the water with daily sunrise and sunset times plus moon rise and moon set times. We would love to hear how your fishing trip went, feel free to share your days success on the community report page. Good luck and we hope you catch a full bag today!
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With the Water Temperature at 46 Prime Crappie fishing is in full swing. Crappies should be migrating to their spawning areas now. They?ll either be up in the final spawning area now or at tributary entrances. Concentrate around 15 feet of water. Fish Primary points at the mouth of the creek arms. Fish Targets at this point instead of focusing on bait fish. Fish trees, shrubs, vegetation, etc. Fishing correctly this time of year will get you snagged quite a bit since you need to focus on making and keeping contact with the cover.
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